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Welcome to the Deith wiki! A whole wiki themed around the Internet series Deith!

Did You Know? Edit

  • May 13th is Deith Day as May 13th 2015 is the day Deith Episode 1 was released
  • The idea of Deith came in February 2015 but wasn't planned until March 2015 and released in May 2015
  • Deith's name is a 'pun' on the Spanish word 'deiz' meaning Ten.
    • This is why there are 10 episodes a season.
  • The first Monday in June starts Deith Week. No Matter What
    • This means Deith Week 2016 starts on the 6th and the 5th in 2017
  • Deith was meant to end after Season 2 Episode 1

Deith News Dec. 2015 Edit

  • Deith News!: Mini Deith will never have Episode Two!
  • Season 1 Ending: More Info Here: Recap
  • Deith Episode 14 is Here!
  • Surprise! Teacher has been released a little behind schedule. But it's here!
  • Dissection Is Here! Its pretty gross though...

What is Deith?Edit

Deith is an internet show on the YouTube channel here. It features a group of people being idiots doing strange things during school. Yeah, that's it.

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