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Pilot is the first ever episode of Deith. It features majority of the cast having a race around the school playground. It was recorded and uploaded on May 13th 2015.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was written in March 2015 (One month before the channel started)
  • The original caption for the video was 'Race'
  • The video's thumbnail changed 3 times in one month
    • The thumbnail we have now was not intended to be the final thumbnail
  • In the video it is said that Michael won the race. Even though we was a spectator

Mistakes + Information Edit

The Race Edit

  • At 3:16 it is said Michael won. Even though we was a spectator
  • The race was said to be a 'walking race' even though everyone ran during the race.
  • Lucy cut across the race
  • Luke didn't take part

After The Race Edit

  • It was said that the video was recorded during exams
    • Evidence is at 6:07 Luke starts talking about how exams are going on

Before The Race Edit

  • Michael refers himself as 'deith'
    • This is evident as 0:01

Watch The Video Edit

Deith - Pilot -1-

Deith - Pilot -1-

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